About Us

Some of you may know us already for a while. We used to perform together as the Dr. Mad's Freakshow. And we were an item back then.... Ah! Love is a weary thing!

We never really lost touch. And we both kept performing with other artists. We both grew into our own style. And we kept partying. And we grew more and more eager to organize something...

...a party for the senses, a party with an underground flavour, a party with a nostalgic touch!

But also, a party where style is ominous, where vogue is the sign of the times, and where love tingles and turns, like the tunes on the tables...

We want to bring the PARTY back into the Fetish!

We want naughty boys and flapper girls!

We want everyone to have a reeeeeeel gooooood LAUGH!!!


Hope to see you all there, at the kick-off:

*** BE THERE ***